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AnestaWeb's Diabetes Aid Toolkit has all the pertinent information a diabetic (newly diagnosed or an old hand) needs in order to understand and manage their chronic diabetic condition. It is a great resource to keep teaching organized and on track. I recommend to all of my patients who are being discharged who have Diabetes!

--Gloria J. Quinn, RN, BSN
Clinical Care Coordination Supervisor

"I just love this book. The AnestaWeb Diabetes Aid Toolkit should be read by all those new to diabetes as well as those with diabetes for years. It is comprehensive, clear and concise but not overwhelming. I have been living with diabetes for 8 years and found it was good for me to hear the basics again. I had forgotten so much. It was supportive and reminded me not to get down on myself when my blood sugars get out of control. I'm not doing anything wrong -- it's just diabetes."

--Joan Myers
Diabetes Patient

"As an R.N. I have a lot of teaching to do The AnestaWeb Diabetes Aid Toolkit helps my patients review important diabetes advice from another credible source! After discharge from the hosiptal, I have found that patients absorb information better in a more relaxed environment. The AnestaWeb Diabetes Aid Tool Kit allows at home diabetes learning! Thanks again Anestaweb!"

--Scott Abeles, R.N., B.S.N.
Intensive Care Nurse

"[The Diabetes Aid Toolkit] is comprehensive and provides complete information about diabetes issues?Illustrations are of a high quality and?information is provided in an easy to access manner?This is a useful and high quality publication."


--Doody's Review


" All i can say is thank God i found you on the internet.If i followed the diabetic diet that the "hospital Nutritionists"recommend,I would be eating to much carbs and fruits.I would, by now, be on medication.Thank You so much for being there.".


-- Sunil Kumar Reddy


"Thanks for everything. Thank you all for your Diabetes Kit !!!"


-- Sasi Kumar

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